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Reyhee surprises Cheektowaga woman scammed out of $600 with new scooter donation!

Reyhee surprises Cheektowaga woman scammed out of $600 with new scooter donation!

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Linda Lindell, of Cheektowaga, paid $600 for a mobility scooter that she ordered offline on Upright Cane's website. However, all she got was a cane and silence from the company. In the end, strangers stepped in to help after seeing Lindell's story on 7 Problem Solvers.

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After the original story aired on Good Morning Buffalo, 7 Problem Solvers' Michael Schwartz received emails, and Facebook comments from Western New Yorkers wanting to help.

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The morning after the report aired Schwartz got an email from Reyhee Mobility Solutions, based in Los Angeles. The company offered to send Lindell one of their free mobility scooters, which is also worth $600.

Schwartz spoke to Rachel Chang, Reyhee's marketing director who said the company was "really sad" to hear about Lindell's situation after reading the 7News article.

"We want to let you know that there are companies out there that are not like that, they're here to help, and so we want to be able to offer you a free scooter in place of the cane you got," said Chang in a recorded video to Lindell.

"Oh my God. I can't believe it! Things like this don't happen to me," said Lindell after hearing the news from Chang.

Lindell said she is on a fixed income and saved up the $600 to buy the scooter, but without a scooter, she said she wouldn't be able to make it to her grandchildren's upcoming graduations and hockey games.

"That stuff you can't get back if you don't go," explained Lindell. "Now I can go."

Schwartz also had more overwhelming news for Lindell and shared all the people who reached out wanting to help. That includes Tony Fracasso and Dan Kollander of Cheektowaga, whom Schwartz met with.


"On Facebook, there was a post from Channel 7," explained Fracasso. "And we decided it's only $600 let's go buy the lady a scooter."

Fracasso shared the 7 Problem Solvers story to the Facebook page that Kollander runs, Concerns of the Town of Cheektowaga taxpayers.

Facebook post to help Linda Lindell
Facebook post to help Linda Lindell

Fracasso got responses from people wanting to donate anywhere from $10 to $100.

"I didn't expect it to be that quick, but it was," explained Fracasso. "People stepped out to the plate."

"That's Western New York," explained Kollander. "Neighbors helping neighbors."

Schwartz told Fracasso and Kollander about Reyhee Mobility Solutions, and they were happy to hear about the donation. While Lindell picked out a new Reyhee scooter, Fracasso said he'd be happy to still collect money for Lindell if she needed anything else.

Lindell was overwhelmed to hear about the generosity of others and said she didn't need anything more than the scooter. Lindell said she only spoke out about Upright Cane to warn other consumers but never expected the story to end with a free scooter.

"I want to thank everybody who offered anything. That's so amazing. It's really so amazing," explained Lindell to Schwartz. "I want to thank you, without you I don't know what I would've done."

Lindell picked out a purple Reyhee scooter, which Reyhee will be shipping out this week!


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